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Woodland - Tin Travel Candle

280g ℮ | up to 35-40 hrs burn time | natural soy wax

WOODLAND | earth - smoke - wood

Parkminster's Woodland candles create memories of nostalgic journeys into the heart of autumn. Indulge in the earthy, smoky scent with notes of oak, hickory, and wet leaves that perfectly capture the essence of woodlands. Allow this luxurious fragrance to whisk you away to the heart of a forrest, where the air is filled with the damp, earthy aromas of nature and the gentle wisps of campfire smoke rise into the canopy above.

Our Tin Travel Candles are the perfect way to take your favourite fragrance with you wherever you go!

With a burn time of around 35-40 hours these stylish candles are presented in an aluminium container which is perfect for travel use.

Sale price£14.95
Woodland Scented Tin Candle by Parkminster - 350g 12oz - Beautiful Scents in a stylish aluminium tin which is perfect for reuse or recycling
Woodland - Tin Travel Candle Sale price£14.95