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Kiln Collection Scented Candle Refills - Parkminster

Sale price£21.50

Why Waste the lovely ceramic jar? Buy a pot candle refill ...

Our Kiln Collection Ceramic Pot Candles are not only stunning but also incredibly versatile! Once the candle burns out, these pots make fantastic mugs for your morning brew or stylish dishes for nibbles and snacks at the table. And when you’re ready for more candlelight, you can easily transform them back with our convenient candle refills. Enjoy the beauty and practicality of our ceramic pots every day!

Our custom-made candle refills are crafted to fit perfectly inside Parkminster our Ceramic candle pots. Made with natural soy wax, 100% pure essential oils, and sustainable fragrance oils, our candle refills ensure a delightful & eco-friendly experience.

Our refills come in 23 of Parkminster's Star Collection hand-blended fragrances. If you order today your refill will be blended and poured by hand in our Cornwall workshop, & sent to you in our low-impact and recycled cardboard packaging.

Choose Your Fragrance:
Parkminster Home Fragrance 200g Large Votive Candle Refills with 40-45 hour burn time. Enjoy 23 exclusive scents. Shop premium scented candle refills now.
Kiln Collection Scented Candle Refills - Parkminster Sale price£21.50