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Rosemary & Basil - Tin Travel Candle

280g ℮ | up to 35-40 hrs burn time | natural soy wax

ROSEMARY & BASIL | fresh - herby

Elevate your hotel room with Parkminster's Rosemary & Basil travel candle, a refreshing blend that invigorates and stimulates the senses. Known for promoting memory retention and focus, the scent of rosemary oil pairs harmoniously with basil essential oil, creating an effective exhaustion buster. Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean and western Asia, brings a touch of coastal freshness, while basil adds its fresh, peppery notes to the blend | This is a 100% Essential Oil Blend

Our Tin Travel Candles are the perfect way to take your favourite fragrance with you wherever you go!

With a burn time of around 35-40 hours these stylish candles are presented in an aluminium container which is perfect for travel use.

Sale price£14.95
Rosemary & Basil Scented Tin Candle by Parkminster - 350g 12oz - Beautiful Scents in a stylish aluminium tin which is perfect for reuse or recycling
Rosemary & Basil - Tin Travel Candle Sale price£14.95