Plastic Free by 2019 - Parkminster

When we sit down as a group together at lunch conversation often trends toward stories in the news - and one of those stories has really developed over the past few months.

The over use and a lack of recycling of plastics is impacting environments all over the world and without every consumer, business or corporation taking the situation seriously the potential for permanent damage to our planet is inevitable. So we've decided to do whatever we can to minimize & mitigate the effect that Parkminster is having on this problem.

Parkminster Products is making a commitment to be Plastic Free by the start of 2019. That means we will:

  • Only use Recycled Paper products in all our packaging
  • Use Glass or Metal Containers rather than plastic for all our products
  • Use Metal or Glass pouring jugs and containers in the workshop
  • Work with our suppliers to minimise the amount of plastic they use in their deliveries to Parkminster
  • Promote Re-Use of our Glass / Metal / Ceramic containers amoungst our customers
  • Recycle any plastics we do receive by working with approved environmental recycling services
  • Organise rubbish picking days where our team help take discarded plastic and other waste out of our local environment.

Everyone at Parkminster wants to live in a clean and safe world and we will do everything we can to minimize the effects that our business has on the environment.

If you have any ideas how we can develop our plans to make this a reality then please feel free to get in touch.