95% Plastic Free

In 2017 we decided to cut as much plastic from our product ranges as we possibly could by 2019. As everyone should now know plastic is a major pollutant of our environment and the reckless disposal of everyday plastics is causing major damage to flora and fauna all over the world. We've always kept a close eye on our environmental impact and were proud that our plastic usage was pretty low to begin with but in 2018 we put measures in place to reduce our plastic usage to as little as possible.

We are proud to announce that we are now 95% plastic free across our entire product range, our shipping and packaging materials are completely plastic free and we even control plastics in our tea room and office!

  • The only plastics in the packaging our product range are lids on our room sprays and on the apothecary jar candles, and a small strip of plastic to close the bath salt packet. Both lids are made from recyclable plastics and can be added to your recycling bin.
  • We do not use ANY plastic elements in our candles, liquid products or bath products. Our products themselves have no plastic ingredients.
  • Our product packaging is made from recycled Kraft paper
  • We reuse or recycle all of the packaging we receive from our suppliers so the cardboard boxes, void fill, plastic bottles or other materials are never wasted. 
  • When we have to buy in new packaging boxes they are from recycled paper, we only use biodegradable void fill made from plant based sources and we use recycled newspaper packaging instead of bubble wrap.

In today's global economy no business can ever announce that they are 100% plastic free. So although we feel we have made great progress in reducing our plastic footprint we will always continue to assess the situation and make any changes that we can to help stop the unnecessary use of plastic and lessen its affect on our environment.