Bonfire - Votive Candle - 90g / 3 oz ℮

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Set the mood aglow with our Bonfire Votive Candle - sustainably crafted with vegan-friendly soy wax & infused with the warm scent of crackling flames.

Experience the warmth and comfort of a crackling bonfire from the comfort of your own space with our Bonfire Votive Candle. The scent is reminiscent of woodsmoke, roasted marshmallows and cozy evenings spent around a fire pit. Our candle comes in a recyclable glass vessel that can be repurposed or recycled after use, so you can feel good about your impact on the environment. Made with sustainable soy wax and free from any animal-derived ingredients, this candle is also vegan friendly. Light up your living room or bathroom to create an atmosphere that invites relaxation and calmness into your daily routine!

  • Enjoy the warm and inviting aroma of a campfire with our Bonfire Votive Candle
  • Our sustainable soy wax, recycled packaging & reusable glass vessel make it an ecofriendly choice

These lovely small candles are perfect for the bathroom & kitchen. A great way to mask the everyday scents of a working home.

Our Votive Candles come in a unique kraft paper box with star cut-outs. They make a perfect small gift for friends or family.

This is a Plastic Free product

90g / 3 oz ℮

Up to 15 hours burn time

Recyclable glass vessel (refills coming soon)

100% Sustainable and natural soy wax

Vegan friendly

Not tested on animals